WordPress Clinic

Welcome to my WordPress Clinic.

I’m Tom Ryan……..WordPress website designer/developer, coach and internet marketer.

This site was created as a test site for local Rockwall Texas Chamber members wanting to learn how to create their own website. This is where we explored concepts, ideas and techniques.

That means you might find things just a little bit different from a company website. This is an education tool and reflects the exploration of attendee creativity.

Posts provide a reasonable recap of our one hour sessions. Follow the Posts and they will guide you through the Pages.

Pages are broken down into useful Downloads, Resources and Links.

Below you will find the three phase outline of topics covered…….and not necessarily in that order. I know that freaks out analyticals……….sorry.

Not having participated in the clinic you might find this a bit cumbersome, but the posts, downloads, resources and links should be of great value.

The site was password protected while the clinic was in session. Now that the clinic’s over I lifted the protection because the content can help others.

In interweb friendship, business, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan





Tonight, our final session together, was more freeform than anything else. We explored as many all loose end subjects that we could get in.

And we did get a glimpse into where Margie is headed with her website.

Great ideas Margie !!!  Keep up the good design work.

A final discussion lead to the conclusion that the group wanted to continue the open discussion concept into the future. How long……we just don’t know.

So Starting Tuesday, October 29th, we will begin meeting at the Rockwall Library, hopefully in one of their study rooms.

TIME :  5:30 pm TO 6:30 pm.

The only thing I would ask now is that you personally thank Dana Macalik and the chamber staff when you next see them for the generous use of the chamber conference room and projection equipment for our 11 week WordPress Clinic.

As always, if you need me…I’m only a phone call away.

In interweb friendship, business, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan


John Adams gave us a guided tour through his website tonight. John’s site is primarily a blog where he posts several times a week. It’s a great looking site. He also has some Google AdSense on his sidebars to generate cash.

While John was taking us through his guided tour I ran his URL against the “What WP Theme Is That” and John’s theme appears to be custom, which explains some of the features on the site. John’s home page has a big photo of him and his shirt changes color………..very cool. Well done John.

To visit John’s site Click Here ===>>> John’s Web Site/Blog.

Let’s hear it for John.


The rest of the session was devoted to answering questions and discussing Margie’s site and Mark’s site.

Next week we will we will learn how to become an Amazon Affiliate and how to put affiliate information on our site for someone to click through to Amazon where they just might buy something, and we just might make some money.

In interweb friendship, service, and business.




Well…………..we explored three (3) more plugins that looked like they had potential. Two seemed to bear fruit………A Picture Gallery and A Social Share for posts…….the third NOT so good. Not from a functional point of view, but it wasn’t long before the developer was trying to tie us into a proud pro upgrade fee. We gave this one a thumbs down. WE prefer FREE plugins if we can find them.


Next it was show time for Vivian. She led us through the ins/outs/finer points of her website and how it is driven. We were impressed. From day 1 Vivian has been telling us about all the things she does with her site. She bought this site from someone and had no idea what theme she had under the hood.

While she was doing show and tell, I ran the URL through the site “What WP Theme Is That” and it turns out that Vivian has one of the most powerful themes on the market. Vivian’s theme is “Canvas” from Woo Themes. I use this theme on a number of my sites. It’s just packed with bells and whistles. No wonder Vivian is able to do so much.
Way to go Viv.

Next week (Session10) we will have at least two show and tells. One from Stephen Straughan, and and another from John Adams. If anyone else feels so moved we may have a third.

Should be a great night. If time permits we will break ground on Monetizing websites and Affiliate Marketing.

In interweb friendship, service, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan




Tonight we devoted most of our time to placing videos on websites. I’ll try to recap several ways we did this.

FIRST……….we went to YouTube, to a video I created for finding a jewelry appraiser. Here’s a screenshot of the video on YouTube. We’ll use that as a reference point for the rest of this particular approach.


Check out the bottom of the screenshot next to the word About. The word Share is grayed. After I click on the word Share see what happens in the next screenshot below.


Share is now black and underlined. And below that is a new line that includes the word Embed grayed out. When I click on the word Embed things change again. See the next screenshot.


Now there is an open dialogue box under the word Embed. This is the HTML code we need to post this video on a website. If we want, we can click the down arrow beside Video size: and automatically change the video size in the HTML code. Also, note that there is a check mark in a box labeled Show suggested videos when the video finishes. Un-check this box if you don’t want suggested videos to show at the close of the video. Un-checking the box will automatically change the HTML code.

So now drag on the HTML code to highlight it. Double clicking the HTML Code should accomplish the same thing. Then copy it to your clipboard. All that’s left to do is post the code in our Post or Page. Before pasting be sure you’re in the Text Mode and NOT the Visual Mode when. Set your cursor where you want the video and Paste the HTML code. Now click update. It’s okay to return to the Visual Mode.

And what to you know? The video we snagged from YouTube is now on our website.  Now click the center of the video to be sure the video plays.

You will find some videos that won’t let you embed them on your website. They just don’t want to share them for any number of reasons. Not to worry, there are a boatload of videos that will let you embed them.

SECOND……..we created a sidebar link to a YouTube video. In order to do this we go to Appearance and then Widgets. Now we drag a Text bar to the Sidebar and give it a Title. Save it now.

There is a format used to paste into the Description area. It can be used for every video link. You can place multiple video links under each other. This is the format:

<a href=”URL OF THE VIDEO” target=”_blank”>Title of the video</a><p>

I have gone and entered the code for my example video below.

<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanAnimalHosp?feature=results_main” target=”_blank”>American Animal Hospital channel</a><p>

Now I will copy the HTML Code, go back to Appearance/Widget to the Text Sidebar we earlier dragged over, open it up, and paste our HTML Code. Don’t forget to save and then close the Text box.

Check the Sidebar……….last entry should be our link to that YouTube video.

THIRD………we wanted to place a link to the video in our post. There are several ways to do this.

#1 – Take the same HTML Code, change to the Text Mode, and Paste it into the Post/Page, update, and View the Post/Page. Here is the result.

American Animal Hospital channel

#2 – From the HTML Code copy only the code in RED which is the code between the quotes. Now in the Post/Page type a link text like this:

Click here to visit this YouTube Video on Animal Hospitals

Now drag on the entire Click here…. text to highlight it, go up and click on the Chain Link Icon, and paste the URL into the URL box, and check the box to open in a new page. The clickable text link will look like this now:

Click here to visit this YouTube Video on Animal Hospitals

FOURTH……….we started to experiment with the Tubepress Plugin but stopped because we got a warning from WordPress after activating Tubepress. The we tried Jetpack because it is a bundle of plugins from WordPress.com that includes a Carousel Plugin among others. Sorry, we ran out of time to test this out.

We’ll pickup here next week. In two weeks attendees will do a show and tell of their websites (if they choose) and in three weeks we start monetizing websites.

In interweb service, friendship, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan




This session was devoted to exploring the basic plugins; activating them and setting them up for use, and actually using them.

That consumed the hour.



Good Evening Future WordPress Developers,

Well……….we got down and deep into photos this week. Ha ha.

First, we took photos of ourselves and loaded them up to the Media Section of our Dashboards. Here’s the process. On the left hand column of the Dashboard find Media. Click on it. Once on the Media page click Add New. Then click on Select Files or browser uploader. Both will allow you to browse your computer’s desktop for the photo you want. Once found, double click the photo. Now you’re back in the Dashboard. Click Upload. Once uploaded you will see that photo as the top photo in your Media section.

You may also Edit the photo in your Dashboard. Simply hover your mouse over the photo. Your options are Edit, Delete Permanently, and View. Select Edit and here’s where you can add a Caption beneath the photo and add Alternative Text. I highly recommend you add Alternative Text that describes the photo in terms of your website. This is important for search engine purposes. If you choose to actually Edit the image click Edit Image under the photo. Then you can resize the photo, rotate it, or flip it. Once your done don’t forget to click Update to save your changes. You won’t need to Edit every photo. Repeat the upload process for each photo you want in your media file. Yes…..you can upload photos directly to a page/post but I suggest uploading them to the Media file first.

Second, we practiced placing photos on both pages and posts. The process is the same for both. Place your cursor in the big text area where you want the picture to go. Next, just above where you would start entering text is a small rectangular bar. Inside the bar is a camera outline and the words Add Media. Click on this bar. You will be taken to the Media Library. Click on the photo you want. Then click Insert into page. That will load the photo to your Page/Post. Finally, be sure to click Update to save your work.

Third, we learned how to place a picture of yourself on every page/post by placing it in the sidebar. The Plugin we used to do this is called Image Widget. We uploaded the Image Widget from WordPress.org and activated it. Once activated you can find it in the Widget section, which is accessed by clicking Appearance and then Widgets just below that. Somewhere among all the widgets you will see Image Widget. Open up the Main Sidebar by clicking on the upside down triangle off to the right. Drag the Image Widget to the right Main Sidebar. Click the upside down triangle off to the right of Image Widget to open it up. Click on Select An Image. Pick the image you want from the Media Library. You can add a Caption, Alt Text or a Description right here. Then click on Insert Into Widget. The photo is now in the Sidebar Widget, but you might have to adjust it a bit. Scroll down and you will see the opportunity to Re-size the photo and choose an Alignment. Last……click Save. That’s it!

Fourth, since we were working on photos, it was requested that we explore sliders and how they worked. Some really cost like Display Buddy ($150). It does lots but there are enough Free sliders available to do what you need at this stage. One that I use a lot is called Soliloquy Lite. It will let you set the size of the photos (each  the same size), the speed at which the photos come into view (fade), and how long the photo stays in view. Pretty cool for a Free Plugin.

Once you activate Soliloquy Lite you will find a new Option down the left side of the Dashboard beneath Settings. There will be a small red and black circular logo and the word Soliloquy. Clicking on this link is how you get to setup the slider. For your first slider click on the Soliloquy link. Once on the Soliloquy page click Add New. Be sure to enter a Title for the slider. You may want this same slider on more than one page. Then just follow the instructions to Upload The Images (from your computer), Set The Slider Size, The Slider Speed, and Animation Duration. When all that’s done be sure to click Publish to save all your work. The plugin creates what’s known as “Shortcode”. The Shortcode represents all the photos and everything you did with them. Now you need to retrieve the Shortcode to place on your page/post. You can find the Solliloquy Shortcode in 2 places. Down the right hand side under Soliloquy Instructions where you can copy it……..or by clicking the Soliloquy link again on the left side of the page. This should bring back the main Soliloquy page. There, beside the Title of your slider will be the Shortcode. Select it and Copy it. Now go to your page/post, set the cursor to the line you want the slider on…..and Paste. Don’t forget to click Update to save your work.

Take note that there is also a new option beside the Add Media Bar…….it’s the Add Slider Bar. On other pages/posts you can then place your cursor on the line you want the Slider, click the Add Slider Bar, and you will be taken to a special page where you can select the Slider you want. Pick one and click Insert Slider. Once back on your page/post don’t forget to click Update to save your work. If you don’t like the slider speed, etc. you can change it at any time. Just don’t forget to click Update when you’re done. The GOOD NEWS is that the Shortcode you have in a page/post is not going to change. To help you find the Soliloquy Lite Slider Plugin click this link…>>> Plugins Basic Page.

I’ve created a slider below so you can see how it works. SOME OF MY FRIENDS.

Someone (Margie I think) asked if the slider would work in a Sidebar? I didn’t think so because it was not included in the slider write-up……but I tried it when I got home tonight. It did not work. So I tried again, only this time I changed all the photos to Thumbnail size. GUESS WHAT? No, don’t guess. Just check out the Sidebar on any Page. Matter of fact…………scroll up right here and you’ll see the results right under my photo. The oversized pictures must have been preventing the shortcode from working.

What do you know?
A n
ew tool from an old tool.
Does that make this plugin a widget?
There’s a special prize next week for the right answer!

Last, we devoted a little time to the All In One SEO Plugin. We loaded it up, activated it, set the parameters for the overall site, and then took a look at what we had to do for each page/post.

We ended here and will pickup here next week. It’s that important.

In interweb service, friendship, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan





Good Evening Future WordPress Developers,

This is Part 2 of tonight’s recap.

I have created some new pages for your reference.

Zip files page………..what are they, and how do you unzip them?

Toms Marketing Blog page……..read about this blog. it has some helpful posts about a first website. For those who think they have missed too much, this could help you.

Premium Themes page and Premium Plugins Page………..these are early release pages that we will discuss next week.

We then had a discussion about two aspects of the internet.

First, the Warrior Forum. This is where many internet marketers hang out. If you join you can take part in their forum discussions………or just observe. Warrior Forum also has WSO (Warrior Special Offer). You can pickup some internet tools for like $7 or $14. It’s like a candy shop for internet marketers. Be careful, not all candy is good for you. Get on the list and they’ll sent you an eMail daily.

Second, is The Challenge.  As we draw close to Phase III of the clinic The Challenge should become more important to you. It’s 9 years old and run by an Australian by the name of Ed Dale. It’s a FREE course put on every fall about how to make money on the internet. The Challenge is a 30 day course. The course is FREE. I first took The Challenge 2009 and was blown away. It was great. During the course Ed may offer to sell you an internet tool to make things easier, but as I remember, each tool had a free trial period that lasted the length of the course. So you never have to buy if you don’t want to. I highly recommend The Challenge if you intend on making money on the internet.

In interweb service, friendship and business,

Tom (TR) Ryan



Good Evening Future WordPress Developers,

Tonight’s recap will be in two parts just to cut down on the post length.

We have a bunch on vacation so we spent extra time delving into the Contact Form 7 plugin and the Real Simple CAPTCHA plugin. These work hand in hand if you want to protect your site from unwanted bots and crawlers filling out your contact form.

We took the basic contact form and added various fields from the Generate Tag command. Yes, adding a field does sometimes require improvising. If you don’t make these forms all the time one thing you learn after doing a few of these is to save the completed code somewhere so you don’t have to reinvent the form or parts there of later on. After all, we’re talking about HTML Code that makes the form tick.

So……..after I got home tonight I made an example form on one of the WPclinic site pages for y’all to look at as an example of a contact form with a variety of options. I did not make this from scratch. I took the Form Code I have on my AfterFiveJewelryAppraisal Site and quickly modified it. The premise of the form is for someone to use Tiberius’ building facility for seminar purposes. The form includes questions we need answered so Tiberius, sorry….Jim, can quote the event cost and possibly book the seminar.

Follow this link to the Web Page Form.

Now…………we need to go take the completed form code for this particular Contact Page, save it in a Word Document or Notepad, and file it away in a special folder. Between the two sets of ******** below is all the code that comprises this contact form:


<p>Your First & Last Name (required)<br />     [text* your-name] </p>

<p>Your Best Email Address (required)<br />     [email* your-email] </p>

<p>Your Phone #<br />     [text your-phone] </p>


<p>Purpose Of Your Seminar (choose one). <br /> [select menu-687 include_blank “Business” “Non-Profit” “Personal”]

<p>In what size room would you like the seminar conducted? (choose one). <br /> [select menu-368 include_blank “400 sq'” “800 sq'” “1,200 sq'”]

<p>Preferred Day and Time.<br />      [text your-time]

<p>Things we need to provide for you – Check those you will need.<br />

[checkbox checkbox-261 “Coffee and Danish” “Cokes for Breaks” “Lunch” “Writing Materials”]

<p># Of Seminar Attendees You Expect.<br />      [text your-items] </p]

<p>Your Message<br />     [textarea your-message]</p>

<p>You Must Type These Klingon Characters In The Box Below<br />

[captchac captcha-910 size:l]

[captchar captcha-910]

<p>[submit “Send”]</p>


This form’s code includes required and non-required fields (* beside the actual field name indicates required), drop down choices, check box choices, CAPTCHA requirement, and various open text input.

From here, if you’re having difficulty making your own contact form, you can paste the above into the Form Section on your Contact Page and then modify or delete what you don’t need.

Now don’t forget that you also need to scroll down and look for Message Body on the right side. Why? Because you need to replace that code as well. This is the code that determines what information you will be sent in a completed form’s eMail.

Once more, when you modify the Form Code you also need to modify the corresponding code in the Message Body so you get the “right stuff” eMailed to you.

The corresponding Message Body code for the form code above is between the two sets of ******* below. Don’t forget to save it in a safe place along with the Form Code.


From: [your-name]
Your Best Email: [your-email]
Your Phone#: [your-phone]

Purpose of the Seminar: [menu-687]
Size of room: [menu-368]
# of Seminar Attendees: [your-items]
Preferred Day and Time: [your-time]
Things we need to provide: [checkbox-261]

Message Body: [your-message]

— This e-mail was sent from a contact form on WordPress For Dummies (http://wpclinic.net)


And yes, you do need to change the last line that says which website the eMail came from.

To make sure it actually works I then went to the Tiberius page, filled out the form and sent the request. Here is a screenshot (from Jing) to show it is functioning.


Couple of parting thoughts. First, once you get used to this you’ll have less and less need for the saved code……….but it’s always great to have it handy for a quick copy/paste. No, it’s not cheating…..it’s a shortcut. Second, when you click the Generate Tag feature and select an option, it may not always bring things in. You could get a big blank area. If so, just click the Generate Tag feature again and the data should magically appear. Don’t ask why, it just works. Third, make sure the right eMail address is set in the Contact Form. That would be the top line in the Mail section of the Contact Form.

That’s about it for the Contact Form 7/Real Simple CAPTCHA Plugin. Those attending should be just shy of expert. Those that missed tonight should be able to absorb most of it from the above recap.

And as always……………don’t be afraid to call me. 214-912-4544. It’s faster than waiting a week.

There will be another Session 5 posting to cover the rest of tonight’s happenings.

In interweb service, friendship and business,

Tom (TR) Ryan





We got a lot of hands-on work done this evening………..That’s good.

We spent time looking at the standard WP theme and how we could change background colors and other things. That lead us to how do you go about figuring out color codes in a world of mass coloration. Most themes use a color picker built into the theme in those areas where we can change colors.

Under Resources and Links 2 look for the page titled Hex Color Codes or just follow the blue link right here. After you try them out use the contact form if you have any questions.


We then moved on to Plugins, spent time discussing where to find them and how to perform basic validation work on a plugin before deciding to download it. The example we used was for a Event Calendar plugin. At the WordPress.org site we did a search on EVENT CALENDAR. We turned up a bunch of calendars, even one for events. As we clicked on them and went to the plugin site, we used the plugin description, star ratings, and # of downloads to help us decide if a plugin was worth consideration. Since we were doing a raw search without anyone’s recommendation we would then have to download what we considered to be the top 3 to our Dashboard. Once we did that it’s purely a matter of testing each one and then making a decision to go with one of them. The value factors I apply at this point are 1) do the features work as advertised and 2) its ease of use.

Under Resources and Links 2 is a new page for your review…….Plugins Basic. This blue link will take you right there. It lists the plugins I believe each site should have at this stage and the links to go after the download page in WordPress.org.

While at an Internet Meetup in Dallas last night after the Clinic, I learned of a security plugin I hadn’t known about. It came with high recommendations and I have included it in the list of basic plugins every site should have. No one wants to get hacked.

While we’re on Plugins, after activating one, check the Plugins line of data in the Plugin section of your Dashboard. If it has  SETTINGS listed, then click on it to see what your supposed to do. Also look down the left hand column for something new being added, like the name of the Plugin. It could be anywhere along the left column, or even under the Settings feature. If you find something new click on it; you may need to do something additional.


Next week I will continue with loading up and activating the basic plugins. We’ll talk about each and then see how they work. We will also address Plugins that go in Sidebars. They are no longer called Plugins…..but Widgets, but like plugins, they increase the functionality of your website. Last we will talk about the RSS feature on WordPress Blogs. That should be a full night.

In interweb service, friendship, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan





Before I get into tonight’s happenings please note that some pages under Resources and Links are password protected. That’s because I’m queueing them up for future Sessions. We have not covered them yet and they are a work in progress…….this is nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I’ll show you the technique in a future Session.


Tonight we looked at what might mess you up in terms of WordPress spacing and formatting……….because it is a bit different from Microsoft Word. For example in the WordPress Visual mode when you press enter you are creating a new paragraph. Why? Because WordPress started out as a publishing mechanism. If your intention was to create a new sentence below the prior sentence without a space line, you’ll be disappointed. In order to accomplish what you desire you need to hold down the SHIFT Key and press enter. We discussed other situations like this and how to 1) fix it or 2) prevent it. There are valid reasons for doing both. One of the conventions WordPress has is to suppress what it considers non-significant spaces. However there are times we want spaces, like when text is up against a picture. We do this by creating Significant Spaces. On the Download page you will find a link to download the PP presentation to your desktop. It will step you through what I wrote above.


We then looked at a new plugin that will fancy up your text and create attention where you need it. Unfortunately this paid plugin has a few kinks so I won’t publicize where to get it right now. But do take a look at what it can do as demonstrated in the PP presentation. The PP is also on the Download page.


We then had a discussion on bullet points and how to create them in WordPress. I found the best way is to:

1) Start up a new Word document.
2) Then Control/Shift/L should create your bullet point.
3) Enter some kind of text beside it.
4) Press enter to create an additional bullet point.
5) It should look something like this:

  • BP
  • BP
  • BP

6) Select the bullet points and copy them.
7) Go into your WordPress Dashboard to the appropriate page or post.
8) Point your cursor to the right line and paste the bullet points.
9) Now you can edit the bullet points.
10) By the way, you can still add to the bullet point list in your Dashboard.


Next we discussed finding more resources on Internet Marketing subjects. It so happens that one of my websites has over 300 eBooks on it……….for FREE downloading.

Learn more about this under the Resources and Links page IM Assistance. That will guide you to the website.


Blogging was the next subject of order. Whether you’re a blogger or content marketer you need to know the principles of blogging, article writing and copywriting. It’s always about improving the User Experience.

In the Download area you’ll find The Top Ten User Experience Guidelines by Brian Sullivan, a well known blogger, copywriter and consultant in DFW.

Then, if you’re interested in learning the most about blogging, copywriting, etc…. under Resources and Links check out the Blogging Basics page. Here you will find a link to the Copy Blogger website. Founded by Brian Clark here in Dallas, Copy Blogger is the premier place to learn about Blogging. Follow the link on that page and you will be able to sign up for their informative eMails and have access to their tutorials on Copywriting 101, and much more.

Finally, learn about Holly Homer………..hugely successful Mommy Blogger. Yes, she’s on the Blogging Basics page. Check her out.


There were questions about using themes other than those that come stocked in the WordPress Dashboard. We discussed themes for a while so I decided to opened up the page on Theme Basics a bit early. There is a link on the Themes Basic page to a website that offers a free WordPress Theme.

I use this theme myself.  As a matter of fact you can see a version of it on my own test site TRs Test Site. As the name suggests I use this site for testing out untried plugins and themes before using them on a production site that’s working well.

I created a watery header for this site because it depicts my desire not to head down the technical rabbit hole, but to drop down from the sky every once in a while, touch the tech water to be sure it’s still wet, and fly away again….and yes…..scoop up a surface fish once in a while.


And at the END……….we talked about MeetUps. These are meetings around Dallas, usually on weeknights and Saturdays about just about anything you want………..blogging, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media….. the list is endless. I personally belong to 7 Internet Marketing MeetUps. They are very helpful from an information and networking standpoint.

You can actually take the link right here to the Dallas Meetup Site, to check it out.

Dallas MeetUps


THAT’S IT. If I missed something let me know. I think all the links work and all the right pages are unprotected. If not…..someone shout at me.

In interweb service, friendship, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan



SDK (spelling don’t kount)

Well………………….it was an interesting night. It was an opportunity for those ahead of the curve to get a night off…………..and an opportune time for others to devote interactive time to getting a feel for how WordPress functions inside the Dashboard.

We covered more on Posts and Pages, and had a lively discussion on the difference between posts and pages. Posts we all agreed are for blogs. Although we didn’t settle on agreement for pages (mostly because I don’t like the word static), it came to me on the ride home. Pages are Managed Content. I like that much better. Hope you agree. Then we stepped through the various options under Settings and Users.

It was an hour of hands on time with lots of Q&A. I think it was beneficial to all.

You will notice that the Download Page has several new downloads for you. There are graphic images that will come in handy someday to make your site more striking and professional. Some of the graphics are blank on purpose so you can enter your own text into them.

Which brings up another point. How do you put text into them. For those who use Corel or Adobe software it will be easy. For those who aren’t familiar with those graphics programs welcome to the world of graphics. If you choose to enter I recommend FREE Graphics Programs found on the web. Look for them under the Resource Page…….Graphics Programs. You can go right to their web page and download the software for FREE.

Also under the Resource Page you will find a Pics and Clips Page. Here you will find four places you can get pics and clipart as well as one place that will do things for you for $5. This is a great resource.

One of the things you’ll find out is that the web downloads many things in Zip format which is a compressed format.  The Resource Page……….Zip Files explains this and gives you a link to download a Zip/Unzip program for FREE.

Last, since some are still working to setup their first site, I have added a new Download that I hope will make that task a little easier. It’s something I penned for those I coach. WordPress Website with Blog in Three Steps.

We will meet again next week. Same time….same place. I hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of WordPress Themes and Plugins. Should be fun. Themes further define the structure and overall look of your site and Plugins extend your site’s functionality. You will upload 6 plugins every site should have. Then I’ll give you a Theme that is FREE and very good.

The chamber room is all set up for next week and it looks like we will be the only ones using it between now and then………but that can change.

I will be arriving at 5pm so if you need to visit with me and discuss where you are and what to do next 5-5:30 pm seems like a good time to do that.

In interweb service, friendship and business,

Tom (TR) Ryan




SDK (spelling don’t kount)

WOW………….it does get crowded with 39 people and laptops. Our class runs the course from Newbie to WordPress Developer. That’s quite a range.

I learned tonight that I was too fast for some and that a bunch of people need hands on rather than a presentation. But………..we leave no one behind.

So, my thoughts are to slow it down for Week 2 so that those new to WordPress can select a domain, buy it, and setup the WordPress framework……just like I did in the demonstration tonight.

That means hands on work with those that need it. Since we only have an hour those of you that are ahead in terms of experience and having a WordPress site already, might want to take a night off.

Don’t get me wrong………I’d love to have you there, especially if you’ll give me a hand providing personal attention to those trying to get their site off the ground.

If at the end of the night, everyone has a WordPress site setup……….then we will all rejoin in Week3.

Those are my thoughts right now…………but that could change.


I have updated the following pages with things for you to examine.

The RESOURCE section has 2 pages under it………HOSTING and SCREENSHOTS. Check them out.

The DOWNLOADS Section has 3 downloads for you……tonight’s PowerPoint Presentation, an Internet Marketing Dictionary, and the Clinic Agenda.

In case you forgot, the website I started tonight is WPclinic. Click the blue link to go there.

To get to the login page type wp-admin after the URL and press enter. That will bring you right to the login page.

The Username is Rockwall.      The Password is Chamber.
(Note: the live clinic is over so I’ve password protected WPclinic until the next live clinic.)

Now your inside the WordPress Dashboard. Poke around and get used to it.

In interweb service, friendship, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan