Bullet Points

I knew there had to be a way to add bullet points in WordPress without doing it in Microsoft Word and copying it into your WordPress page/post.

And yes……….like the special code we need to create a significant space…..there is a special html code we can use to create a bullet point.

It is      •

But you should place the code in your page/post when in the Text Mode. Then switch back to the Visual Mode to see the transformation.

• Line 1
• Line 2
• Line 3

So now you have two ways to create bullet points. Depending on what you’re doing you may still want to create them in Microsoft Word.


Repeated below is the extract from the Session 3 Post about setting up bullet points in Microsoft Word and transferring them to WordPress. That way you’ll have Bullet Point info all in one place.

1) Start up a new Word document.
2) Then Control/Shift/L should create your bullet point.
3) Enter some kind of text beside it.
4) Press enter to create an additional bullet point.
5) It should look something like this:

  • BP
  • BP
  • BP

6) Select the bullet points and copy them.
7) Go into your WordPress Dashboard to the appropriate page or post.
8) Point your cursor to the right line and paste the bullet points.
9) Now you can edit the bullet points.
10) By the way, you can still add to the bullet point list in your Dashboard.