Hex Color Codes

There are times when working in your Dashboard that you need to be exact with the color codes. The below links will help you in picking the right color.

The first site is more of a color swatch site……………but does not have all colors. It does have many colors in a really easy to understand format.

Click here to see color swatches.

The second site is more of an html color code site. If you know the html code you can key it into the box and then see the color………or select a color with the picker and see the resulting html code. It also shows the RGB color code which will help with graphics programs. There’s even a how-to video.

Click here to see the html color chart and picker.

If you would prefer to have a color picker on your Windows Desktop then you should go to ColorCop. Since this is a download best to use the self installing version. That way if you want to dump it one day you can do so through the add/remove feature in the control panel. Having a Hex Color Picker on your desktop can be a real time saver.

For Mac users try downloading COLORS by Matt Patenude’s FREE download. Matt’s a developer and Colors is about the 5th item down.