Premium Plugins

There isn’t a great need for premium plugins because in many cases you can find a Free plugin that will do or come close to doing the job. Thank you However, there are some that are a must if you’re going to have many sites or be a developer.

BackupBuddy……..this is an excellent plugin that will backup your sites, restore your sites, and even migrate your sites. This plugin does it all for you from within your Dashboard. You can schedule backups, have them stored on your server, and get a copy sent to your eMail box for storage on your Desktop.

BackupBuddy has multiple levels of purchase……Personal-two sites, Business-ten sites, or Developer-unlimited sites. The only rub is you have to pay each year. The only saving grace is they send you a 25% discount code just before it’s time to re-buy. BackupBuddy is an iThemes product and I put this plugin on all my client sites. Here is the link: BackupBuddy – at the iThemes Store


WOO………has many premium plugins like the Wooslider, that you can find act-alikes for Free elsewhere. But, WOO does have the best ecommerce plugin extensions around. There are >30 premium purchasable/renewable eCommerce plugin extensions, which are your life line to eCommerce websites. With WOO you get licenses that you need to put in your Dashboard. They can be pricey as well. Their SENSI plugin for creating an on-line course through your website is $150. What I find interesting is one of their main competitors StudioPress only recommends Woo for eCommerce extensions. Here’s their link:   Woo Plugins


G Fonts

G Fonts Plugin is the coolest….>600 fonts to choose from….and great special effects.

I researched this plugin several times and decided to buy-in. I love the special effects and have modified this site with G Fonts.

Do the special effects of this plugin grab your attention?  

I know they grabbed mine. This can be a valuable tool to help keep visitors on your site. And that would be a great thing.

All for about the price of two Ventes at Starbucks.

Click here to visit the Warrior Special Offer on G Fonts.