Premium Themes

So many of the WordPress Themes are FREE that it would seem unnecessary to purchase themes. However, premium themes come bundled with features that the majority of free themes do not have. Premium themes these days start around $30 and go up to just over $125 each. There are times that you will be given free bonus themes for purchasing a premium theme. Usually these are themes that are older and not being offered for sale any more. But hey, who cares………’s a theme you didn’t have before and was one of the company’s staples at one time.

If you’re really brave you can even find companies to build you a custom theme for a specific purpose. I have several of those themes. Be prepared to shell out a lot of money for these themes. I prefer Premium Theme companies that only charge you once for a theme and you then get updates whenever the theme is improved. That’s not always the case. I purchase from several premium theme companies that charge me every year for the themes I renew. I will review some of the premium theme companies I use and then provide you with the names and links to a number of premium theme companies I don’t use.

iThemes…………….this firm charges annually for their themes. They are good. All of their themes revolve around the same the same layout concept so there is little retraining time between themes. Here’s their link:   iThemes – Theme Store

StudioPress……..right now this firm charges only once for their themes… least for right now. Here’s their link:   StudioPress – Theme Store

WooThemes……this firm has just evolved to charging annually for their themes. They also charge for their plugins and eCommerce extensions. I will say this about Woo, StudioPress recommends their eCommerce plugins and extensions. They’re that good. Here’s their link:   WooThemes – Theme Store

Weaver……..we’ve addressed this firm before because they have a free theme, so let’s not spent a lot of time on them. Here’s their link:   Weaver – Theme Store

There are tons of places that offer premium themes. I have not had the inclination or resources to buy from them. Please check them out before you buy. I have no experience with them.

Elegant Themes

Theme Forest

Theme WordPress    These by the way are sold by

Flexi Themes