Pics and Clips

It seems that we don’t have the time to do everything in internet marketing. But there is a solution. If you want a custom header for your site, or an article written, or a short video made……….would you be willing pay to have it done for you? Yes…but at what price?WOULD YOU BELIEVE $5. That’s it. $5. This site is jam packed with talented people waiting to serve you for $5. Check it out. They promote themselves as “the world’s largest marketplace for services”. My only advice is tell them with written details so you don’t get surprised.


We all need art work, photos, and clipart. You can pay Fiverr, but that’s $5 a photo. You can find lots of pics and clipart at the below sites. Yes, there are costs associated, but that’s the price of making your site attractive to visitors. After all, you want them to stay on your site……….read……….and oh yes………..BUY SOMETHING.

Big Stock Photos  Images as low as $.99 each. Packages starting at $35

Clipart – Royalty Free  By the week -up to 250 pieces of clipart for $12.95

Pixabay  This is a site I just found, but I have not checked it out completely. It has lots of free photos on it. I just registered………..found 3 pretty cool photos and downloaded them. ALL FREE! Not sure if there’s a limit or you’re expected to upload photos as well. There’s a whole section on photographers. All I can tell you right now is……….I GOT MINE FOR FREE!

Google Images  Sometimes I overlook Google as an image resource for FREE images. Every once in a while you’ll find a pic that’s protected. Other than that Google is a good image source. Type your category into the search bar and click search. Just right click your mouse on the Picture and choose Save Picture or Save Target to save the picture to your desktop.