Regardless of what you’re doing on the web there are times that you want to capture what you see. I take screenshots of things I may want use on my sites, in a blog post, or creating promos, or just to capture a receipt for something I just bought on-line.

There are software packages you can purchase that include screen captures, but I prefer to use software that’s FREE whenever I can. This one is a free download from TechSmith. The program is called JING.

Here is the download link………..JING………..Click the blue Jing link to get to their download page. Once downloaded you’ll see a small sun at the top of your screen (the sun is also moveable). Hover over it with your mouse and 3 options will appear. The + sign is for screenshots. Click on the + sign and you’ll get yellow crosshairs. Start at the top left of where you want to copy and then drag right and down until you encompass the area you want captured. Release the mouse and up comes another little dialogue box.

The far left icon represents the screenshot capture. Click on the capture icon and you then get to name the screenshot and decide where to store it on your desktop. Here’s a real Cool feature – you can store the screenshot you just captured on with a simple click. Then send an email or text with the link to whoever you want to see the screenshot.

Anyway………….you wouldn’t believe how often I use this FREE tool. Oh, and there’s a Mac and Windows version.

Again, here’s the blue download link………..JING

Have fun.