SDK (spelling don’t kount)

WOW………….it does get crowded with 39 people and laptops. Our class runs the course from Newbie to WordPress Developer. That’s quite a range.

I learned tonight that I was too fast for some and that a bunch of people need hands on rather than a presentation. But………..we leave no one behind.

So, my thoughts are to slow it down for Week 2 so that those new to WordPress can select a domain, buy it, and setup the WordPress framework……just like I did in the demonstration tonight.

That means hands on work with those that need it. Since we only have an hour those of you that are ahead in terms of experience and having a WordPress site already, might want to take a night off.

Don’t get me wrong………I’d love to have you there, especially if you’ll give me a hand providing personal attention to those trying to get their site off the ground.

If at the end of the night, everyone has a WordPress site setup……….then we will all rejoin in Week3.

Those are my thoughts right now…………but that could change.


I have updated the following pages with things for you to examine.

The RESOURCE section has 2 pages under it………HOSTING and SCREENSHOTS. Check them out.

The DOWNLOADS Section has 3 downloads for you……tonight’s PowerPoint Presentation, an Internet Marketing Dictionary, and the Clinic Agenda.

In case you forgot, the website I started tonight is WPclinic. Click the blue link to go there.

To get to the login page type wp-admin after the URL and press enter. That will bring you right to the login page.

The Username is Rockwall.      The Password is Chamber.
(Note: the live clinic is over so I’ve password protected WPclinic until the next live clinic.)

Now your inside the WordPress Dashboard. Poke around and get used to it.

In interweb service, friendship, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan