John Adams gave us a guided tour through his website tonight. John’s site is primarily a blog where he posts several times a week. It’s a great looking site. He also has some Google AdSense on his sidebars to generate cash.

While John was taking us through his guided tour I ran his URL against the “What WP Theme Is That” and John’s theme appears to be custom, which explains some of the features on the site. John’s home page has a big photo of him and his shirt changes color………..very cool. Well done John.

To visit John’s site Click Here ===>>> John’s Web Site/Blog.

Let’s hear it for John.


The rest of the session was devoted to answering questions and discussing Margie’s site and Mark’s site.

Next week we will we will learn how to become an Amazon Affiliate and how to put affiliate information on our site for someone to click through to Amazon where they just might buy something, and we just might make some money.

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