Tonight, our final session together, was more freeform than anything else. We explored as many all loose end subjects that we could get in.

And we did get a glimpse into where Margie is headed with her website.

Great ideas Margie !!!  Keep up the good design work.

A final discussion lead to the conclusion that the group wanted to continue the open discussion concept into the future. How long……we just don’t know.

So Starting Tuesday, October 29th, we will begin meeting at the Rockwall Library, hopefully in one of their study rooms.

TIME :  5:30 pm TO 6:30 pm.

The only thing I would ask now is that you personally thank Dana Macalik and the chamber staff when you next see them for the generous use of the chamber conference room and projection equipment for our 11 week WordPress Clinic.

As always, if you need me…I’m only a phone call away.

In interweb friendship, business, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan