SDK (spelling don’t kount)

Well………………….it was an interesting night. It was an opportunity for those ahead of the curve to get a night off…………..and an opportune time for others to devote interactive time to getting a feel for how WordPress functions inside the Dashboard.

We covered more on Posts and Pages, and had a lively discussion on the difference between posts and pages. Posts we all agreed are for blogs. Although we didn’t settle on agreement for pages (mostly because I don’t like the word static), it came to me on the ride home. Pages are Managed Content. I like that much better. Hope you agree. Then we stepped through the various options under Settings and Users.

It was an hour of hands on time with lots of Q&A. I think it was beneficial to all.

You will notice that the Download Page has several new downloads for you. There are graphic images that will come in handy someday to make your site more striking and professional. Some of the graphics are blank on purpose so you can enter your own text into them.

Which brings up another point. How do you put text into them. For those who use Corel or Adobe software it will be easy. For those who aren’t familiar with those graphics programs welcome to the world of graphics. If you choose to enter I recommend FREE Graphics Programs found on the web. Look for them under the Resource Page…….Graphics Programs. You can go right to their web page and download the software for FREE.

Also under the Resource Page you will find a Pics and Clips Page. Here you will find four places you can get pics and clipart as well as one place that will do things for you for $5. This is a great resource.

One of the things you’ll find out is that the web downloads many things in Zip format which is a compressed format.  The Resource Page……….Zip Files explains this and gives you a link to download a Zip/Unzip program for FREE.

Last, since some are still working to setup their first site, I have added a new Download that I hope will make that task a little easier. It’s something I penned for those I coach. WordPress Website with Blog in Three Steps.

We will meet again next week. Same time….same place. I hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of WordPress Themes and Plugins. Should be fun. Themes further define the structure and overall look of your site and Plugins extend your site’s functionality. You will upload 6 plugins every site should have. Then I’ll give you a Theme that is FREE and very good.

The chamber room is all set up for next week and it looks like we will be the only ones using it between now and then………but that can change.

I will be arriving at 5pm so if you need to visit with me and discuss where you are and what to do next 5-5:30 pm seems like a good time to do that.

In interweb service, friendship and business,

Tom (TR) Ryan