Before I get into tonight’s happenings please note that some pages under Resources and Links are password protected. That’s because I’m queueing them up for future Sessions. We have not covered them yet and they are a work in progress…….this is nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I’ll show you the technique in a future Session.


Tonight we looked at what might mess you up in terms of WordPress spacing and formatting……….because it is a bit different from Microsoft Word. For example in the WordPress Visual mode when you press enter you are creating a new paragraph. Why? Because WordPress started out as a publishing mechanism. If your intention was to create a new sentence below the prior sentence without a space line, you’ll be disappointed. In order to accomplish what you desire you need to hold down the SHIFT Key and press enter. We discussed other situations like this and how to 1) fix it or 2) prevent it. There are valid reasons for doing both. One of the conventions WordPress has is to suppress what it considers non-significant spaces. However there are times we want spaces, like when text is up against a picture. We do this by creating Significant Spaces. On the Download page you will find a link to download the PP presentation to your desktop. It will step you through what I wrote above.


We then looked at a new plugin that will fancy up your text and create attention where you need it. Unfortunately this paid plugin has a few kinks so I won’t publicize where to get it right now. But do take a look at what it can do as demonstrated in the PP presentation. The PP is also on the Download page.


We then had a discussion on bullet points and how to create them in WordPress. I found the best way is to:

1) Start up a new Word document.
2) Then Control/Shift/L should create your bullet point.
3) Enter some kind of text beside it.
4) Press enter to create an additional bullet point.
5) It should look something like this:

  • BP
  • BP
  • BP

6) Select the bullet points and copy them.
7) Go into your WordPress Dashboard to the appropriate page or post.
8) Point your cursor to the right line and paste the bullet points.
9) Now you can edit the bullet points.
10) By the way, you can still add to the bullet point list in your Dashboard.


Next we discussed finding more resources on Internet Marketing subjects. It so happens that one of my websites has over 300 eBooks on it……….for FREE downloading.

Learn more about this under the Resources and Links page IM Assistance. That will guide you to the website.


Blogging was the next subject of order. Whether you’re a blogger or content marketer you need to know the principles of blogging, article writing and copywriting. It’s always about improving the User Experience.

In the Download area you’ll find The Top Ten User Experience Guidelines by Brian Sullivan, a well known blogger, copywriter and consultant in DFW.

Then, if you’re interested in learning the most about blogging, copywriting, etc…. under Resources and Links check out the Blogging Basics page. Here you will find a link to the Copy Blogger website. Founded by Brian Clark here in Dallas, Copy Blogger is the premier place to learn about Blogging. Follow the link on that page and you will be able to sign up for their informative eMails and have access to their tutorials on Copywriting 101, and much more.

Finally, learn about Holly Homer………..hugely successful Mommy Blogger. Yes, she’s on the Blogging Basics page. Check her out.


There were questions about using themes other than those that come stocked in the WordPress Dashboard. We discussed themes for a while so I decided to opened up the page on Theme Basics a bit early. There is a link on the Themes Basic page to a website that offers a free WordPress Theme.

I use this theme myself.  As a matter of fact you can see a version of it on my own test site TRs Test Site. As the name suggests I use this site for testing out untried plugins and themes before using them on a production site that’s working well.

I created a watery header for this site because it depicts my desire not to head down the technical rabbit hole, but to drop down from the sky every once in a while, touch the tech water to be sure it’s still wet, and fly away again….and yes…..scoop up a surface fish once in a while.


And at the END……….we talked about MeetUps. These are meetings around Dallas, usually on weeknights and Saturdays about just about anything you want………..blogging, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media….. the list is endless. I personally belong to 7 Internet Marketing MeetUps. They are very helpful from an information and networking standpoint.

You can actually take the link right here to the Dallas Meetup Site, to check it out.

Dallas MeetUps


THAT’S IT. If I missed something let me know. I think all the links work and all the right pages are unprotected. If not…..someone shout at me.

In interweb service, friendship, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan