Good Evening Future WordPress Developers,

This is Part 2 of tonight’s recap.

I have created some new pages for your reference.

Zip files page………..what are they, and how do you unzip them?

Toms Marketing Blog page…… about this blog. it has some helpful posts about a first website. For those who think they have missed too much, this could help you.

Premium Themes page and Premium Plugins Page………..these are early release pages that we will discuss next week.

We then had a discussion about two aspects of the internet.

First, the Warrior Forum. This is where many internet marketers hang out. If you join you can take part in their forum discussions………or just observe. Warrior Forum also has WSO (Warrior Special Offer). You can pickup some internet tools for like $7 or $14. It’s like a candy shop for internet marketers. Be careful, not all candy is good for you. Get on the list and they’ll sent you an eMail daily.

Second, is The Challenge.  As we draw close to Phase III of the clinic The Challenge should become more important to you. It’s 9 years old and run by an Australian by the name of Ed Dale. It’s a FREE course put on every fall about how to make money on the internet. The Challenge is a 30 day course. The course is FREE. I first took The Challenge 2009 and was blown away. It was great. During the course Ed may offer to sell you an internet tool to make things easier, but as I remember, each tool had a free trial period that lasted the length of the course. So you never have to buy if you don’t want to. I highly recommend The Challenge if you intend on making money on the internet.

In interweb service, friendship and business,

Tom (TR) Ryan