Tonight we devoted most of our time to placing videos on websites. I’ll try to recap several ways we did this.

FIRST……….we went to YouTube, to a video I created for finding a jewelry appraiser. Here’s a screenshot of the video on YouTube. We’ll use that as a reference point for the rest of this particular approach.


Check out the bottom of the screenshot next to the word About. The word Share is grayed. After I click on the word Share see what happens in the next screenshot below.


Share is now black and underlined. And below that is a new line that includes the word Embed grayed out. When I click on the word Embed things change again. See the next screenshot.


Now there is an open dialogue box under the word Embed. This is the HTML code we need to post this video on a website. If we want, we can click the down arrow beside Video size: and automatically change the video size in the HTML code. Also, note that there is a check mark in a box labeled Show suggested videos when the video finishes. Un-check this box if you don’t want suggested videos to show at the close of the video. Un-checking the box will automatically change the HTML code.

So now drag on the HTML code to highlight it. Double clicking the HTML Code should accomplish the same thing. Then copy it to your clipboard. All that’s left to do is post the code in our Post or Page. Before pasting be sure you’re in the Text Mode and NOT the Visual Mode when. Set your cursor where you want the video and Paste the HTML code. Now click update. It’s okay to return to the Visual Mode.

And what to you know? The video we snagged from YouTube is now on our website.  Now click the center of the video to be sure the video plays.

You will find some videos that won’t let you embed them on your website. They just don’t want to share them for any number of reasons. Not to worry, there are a boatload of videos that will let you embed them.

SECOND……..we created a sidebar link to a YouTube video. In order to do this we go to Appearance and then Widgets. Now we drag a Text bar to the Sidebar and give it a Title. Save it now.

There is a format used to paste into the Description area. It can be used for every video link. You can place multiple video links under each other. This is the format:

<a href=”URL OF THE VIDEO” target=”_blank”>Title of the video</a><p>

I have gone and entered the code for my example video below.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>American Animal Hospital channel</a><p>

Now I will copy the HTML Code, go back to Appearance/Widget to the Text Sidebar we earlier dragged over, open it up, and paste our HTML Code. Don’t forget to save and then close the Text box.

Check the Sidebar……….last entry should be our link to that YouTube video.

THIRD………we wanted to place a link to the video in our post. There are several ways to do this.

#1 – Take the same HTML Code, change to the Text Mode, and Paste it into the Post/Page, update, and View the Post/Page. Here is the result.

American Animal Hospital channel

#2 – From the HTML Code copy only the code in RED which is the code between the quotes. Now in the Post/Page type a link text like this:

Click here to visit this YouTube Video on Animal Hospitals

Now drag on the entire Click here…. text to highlight it, go up and click on the Chain Link Icon, and paste the URL into the URL box, and check the box to open in a new page. The clickable text link will look like this now:

Click here to visit this YouTube Video on Animal Hospitals

FOURTH……….we started to experiment with the Tubepress Plugin but stopped because we got a warning from WordPress after activating Tubepress. The we tried Jetpack because it is a bundle of plugins from that includes a Carousel Plugin among others. Sorry, we ran out of time to test this out.

We’ll pickup here next week. In two weeks attendees will do a show and tell of their websites (if they choose) and in three weeks we start monetizing websites.

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Tom (TR) Ryan