Well…………..we explored three (3) more plugins that looked like they had potential. Two seemed to bear fruit………A Picture Gallery and A Social Share for posts…….the third NOT so good. Not from a functional point of view, but it wasn’t long before the developer was trying to tie us into a proud pro upgrade fee. We gave this one a thumbs down. WE prefer FREE plugins if we can find them.


Next it was show time for Vivian. She led us through the ins/outs/finer points of her website and how it is driven. We were impressed. From day 1 Vivian has been telling us about all the things she does with her site. She bought this site from someone and had no idea what theme she had under the hood.

While she was doing show and tell, I ran the URL through the site “What WP Theme Is That” and it turns out that Vivian has one of the most powerful themes on the market. Vivian’s theme is “Canvas” from Woo Themes. I use this theme on a number of my sites. It’s just packed with bells and whistles. No wonder Vivian is able to do so much.
Way to go Viv.

Next week (Session10) we will have at least two show and tells. One from Stephen Straughan, and and another from John Adams. If anyone else feels so moved we may have a third.

Should be a great night. If time permits we will break ground on Monetizing websites and Affiliate Marketing.

In interweb friendship, service, and business.

Tom (TR) Ryan