WordPress Clinic

Welcome to my WordPress Clinic.

I’m Tom Ryan……..WordPress website designer/developer, coach and internet marketer.

This site was created as a test site for local Rockwall Texas Chamber members wanting to learn how to create their own website. This is where we explored concepts, ideas and techniques.

That means you might find things just a little bit different from a company website. This is an education tool and reflects the exploration of attendee creativity.

Posts provide a reasonable recap of our one hour sessions. Follow the Posts and they will guide you through the Pages.

Pages are broken down into useful Downloads, Resources and Links.

Below you will find the three phase outline of topics covered…….and not necessarily in that order. I know that freaks out analyticals……….sorry.

Not having participated in the clinic you might find this a bit cumbersome, but the posts, downloads, resources and links should be of great value.

The site was password protected while the clinic was in session. Now that the clinic’s over I lifted the protection because the content can help others.

In interweb friendship, business, and service,

Tom (TR) Ryan